Youth migration

 People generally do not want to immigrate from their country of origin. The homeland is dear to the human heart, and it cannot be suppressed in any way, but what drives people to migrate is undoubtedly the reasons, challenges, and obstacles facing the youth. In a society that has inflammatory goals and aspirations, which may differ from person to person.

 The reasons for the migration of young people abroad

There are many reasons for immigration:

 Cognitive research

 Many young people resort to emigrating abroad to gain knowledge and search for it, because all the scientific disciplines that they aspire to study in their homeland may not be within their reach, or the quality and quality. Education may not meet their scientific aspirations and the spirit of creativity and research they have, and therefore immigration abroad, especially in developed countries, maybe an opportunity for them. Youth. Prove their scientific excellence, extract their intellectual assets, and satisfy their desires for research and study of anything new and useful.

 Appropriate work

 Many young people whose goal when emigrating abroad is to obtain a suitable job that matches their university degrees and provides them with an appropriate income that guarantees them a decent life. Young people have an overwhelming desire to emigrate and to search for new opportunities and horizons.


 One of the results of globalization is the transformation of the world into a small village in which cultural exchange between peoples is easy. Arab youth easily learn about other cultures through television or different social networks, and these cultures may tempt them despite their contradiction with the values ​​of our nation and Islamic civilization, which may encourage them to migrate abroad to be part of those cultures that they admired.

Wars and conflicts

 Conflicts, wars, and many problems are among the most important reasons that encourage young people to migrate.

Ambition and dreams

 The media may portray some countries abroad as dreamland, which does not reflect reality and real challenges.